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Best Features To Look For In Quality Patch Software

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Best Features To Look For In Quality Patch Software

lucycollins September 13, 2013

Patch management software is all about organizing your security updates and making sure that you are always protected. Without patches, networks would be exposed to a number of threats such as hackers, viruses and various malware. Thankfully, new patches are developed on a regular basis which means that no matter how big or small a network is, it can have the right protection so that confidential files and data remain confidential.

Real Time Monitoring

With real time monitoring, you can be sure that your patch software is following patch updates as they happen. To do this, the software observes the progress of patches that are being deployed and checking which are active and which are needed. By looking at the file codes, the software is then able to determine which patches are already in place to deal with software vulnerabilities and which are being installed at that moment.

Task Scheduler

To make sure that tasks, updates and patches are installed or launched on time, patch software that contains integrated task setters are a great way of ensuring that your network is constantly protected. You can set dates and times yourself, and the best thing about this is that updates can be done at night so if the installation of updates is going to affect the running speed of your computers, you know that it won’t disturb anybody’s work speed.

Control Multiple Devices From One

Instead of manually going round to each computer, tablet or other mobile device which needs new patches installed, you can use one main computer to launch the patch deployment.

Patch software can be connected up to a range of computers and then the administrator can initiate a scan so that each computer is checked for vulnerabilities. After this has been done, the patch software will automatically find the appropriate patches, test them and then deploy them onto your network so that any vulnerabilities are removed and protected.

No Installation

Although many pieces of patch software will require downloads or long installation processes, you don’t need to download software to make sure that you are protected. You can check out the Batch Patch software for example and avoid long download times. Another advantage of not using remote agent installation is that you can save a lot of memory on your computer making it a much more efficient security option.

No Remote Desktop Patches

Patch Tuesday has thrown up some huge issues with remote desktop patches in the past, and in April 2013 it was discovered that there were critical errors in the remote desktop which had worked its way in via Internet Explorer. Rather than having to rely on Patch Tuesday to find vulnerabilities in remote desktop clients, installing quality patch management software with integrated monitoring saves you from potential security threats at all times.


Rather than using a huge system server such as the SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager), which has a vast range of tools and is designed to large number of computers and other devices, simple patch software such as Batch Patch offers simplicity. Look for a piece of simple software that allows network access security, OS and patch deployment, management and remote control without the complications of additional tools and different servers.

Assessments And Audits

Patch software that offers its own assessments is a lot more likely to keep your network safe. This is vital in ensuring that when a vulnerability is actually found on your system, that it is dealt with i.e. a patch is applied as quickly as possible. Some software will generate reports which can tell you at regular intervals when vulnerabilities have been found.

The software can then track which patches are being deployed and can also generate links for you to follow, connecting you with a site where the patch can be acquired. Automatic updates mean that reports can come to you in real time, or you can schedule them to appear at regular intervals i.e. at set times throughout the day so that you can keep an eye on progress. Essentially, these reports will help you stay aware of the patches that are being tested and deployed and will also keep your network as secure as possible.


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