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Basic Guide: Designing an SEO Friendly Website

Search Engine SEO

Basic Guide: Designing an SEO Friendly Website

admin May 21, 2013

With Internet usage continually expanding, more and more website operators are seeking ways to increase traffic to their sites. The best way to do this is through Search Engine Optimization. Top Google page rankings often lead to more interest in a website, which can result in a profitable business. Here are some guides to designing a Search engine friendly website.

Utilizing Keywords Effectively

Before you design any website, it’s essential to do some SEO research. Consider which words will be relevant to your product or service. Once you determine the keywords and phrases you want to rank on the major search engines, you can structure your Web pages accordingly. Your goal should be to optimize keywords naturally, so avoid filling your pages with unnecessary fluff.

You can prevent any overuse of keywords by aiming for a density between three and five percent. This will keep your page visible, but you won’t have to worry about being too conspicuous. It’s also a good idea to place keywords and related phrases on each page of your site. Construct the wording so that every page has readability but also adequately optimizes the keyword usage.

Creating Strong Content

The websites that rank highest are those with superior content. While you are structuring your website, factor in what type of information will be most essential. Additionally, you should avoid overusing JavaScript or Flash on your pages. Standardized text will make the pages appear in search engines, so create a balance in order to successfully boost your rankings.

Quality content includes internal links, and linking to other pages in a website is indispensable to SEO. When choosing anchor text, variety is more effective than repetitiveness. Alter your phrases in a way that will encourage interest but won’t seem redundant. Anchor text is how search engines determine the relevancy of the keyword to the linked page, so make sure your text is succinct and applicable.

Representing Your Page Correctly

When you send your website data to the search engines, it’s important to represent your content accurately. You can do this by using the right keywords in your meta titles and tags. Meta data briefly details what viewers will find when they visit your website. Your domain name should also contain at least one relevant keyword if possible.

In addition to representing your website properly, offering strong content and creating a keyword-rich layout, you should design a website that is easy to navigate. An SEO agency can assist you with structuring your site so that each page is engaging and uncomplicated.

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