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A Few Effective Ways To Motivate The Sales Team

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A Few Effective Ways To Motivate The Sales Team

admin August 20, 2014

Motivating a sales team can be difficult. On one hand, you don’t want to give them simple targets and hold them back from reaching their true potential. At the same time, establishing a tough target will demoralize your team and make them resent their job.

One of the ways that managers tend to motivate sales executives is by showing them how much money they can earn if they sell the products or services. While it may sound like a great motivation tool and seems logical that people will work harder when they can see that they’ll earn more money, it’s not going to be enough.

There are other things that bring a sales rep down, and they need to be addressed too.

For many of them, growth in their career is equally important to just earning money. After all, if you are in the same place after working for 2 to 3 years, you can hardly expect the employee to be motivated to put in any extra hard work. But if the manager can show that by showing good results there will be definite growth in his or her career, the motivation levels of the reps will be a lot better.

For sales executives that are being given new tasks, it is important for the manager to tell them about the difficulties they may face while trying to get the job done. By telling them beforehand what they can expect, you give information to your executives that they can use to chalk out sale strategies and that they can use to bring in the client. Irrespective of whether they get the job done or not, they’ll still be motivated as they put in their complete effort thanks to your information, rather than floundering in the dark.

Almost all sales executives abhor manual work, especially the one where it requires them to manually enter all the information of their leads, their communications, their calendars, etc into a CRM system. Rather than asking the executives to waste precious hours every week on the duplication, it would be more productive if they were to enjoy the help of a contact management software that will load all the required information automatically.

AutoMagic Sync from Floating Apps is made just for this, and your executives will no longer have to manually load everything into your CRM software. It automatically imports all the emails that are tagged for Saleforce as well as the contact details of the new leads. No longer will you find your work force cribbing about how much needless work they have to do whenever they are putting information into your CRM.

Another advantage of AutoMagic Sync is it helps with sales intelligence. Even if an employee leaves the company, there is no scope for a mess left behind in terms of incomplete contact information or worrying about what was communicated with the clients. The app ensures that everything related to the salesforce is loaded into the CRM with every detail filled in. This way, managers and colleagues won’t have to worry about going into the wrong conversations with the right clients.


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