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A Beginners Guide To Social Media

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A Beginners Guide To Social Media

lucycollins May 14, 2013

Social media is defined as connecting people from across the world, forming a sense of community among them and allowing them to interact with one another, through a free, safe environment.

Types Of Social Media

Social media comes in many forms; it is basically any form of website that people can communicate through in order to reach another person. Some examples of social media are listed below:

  • Facebook

  • Youtube

  • Twitter

  • Flickr

  • Tumblr

  • Bebo

These are just a few examples, however each one of these website differs from another, in Youtube for example. The communication is usually exchanged through video, sometimes people may put up a blog about their personal life, hoping that someone will listen and give them advice, other times it may be that you are teaching a lesson, or information and wish to share this with another party.

  • Guitar Lessons

This is just one example on how social media can benefit you, having someone show you how to play guitar can sometimes be much more beneficial than just having a piece of paper with instructions.

You are able to see the chord progressions and notes, providing a better learning experience, YouTube also allow people to comment on the video, providing advice or feedback on how to improve. YouTube is a free service, enabling many people to share an experience with no hidden costs.


Twitter is also one of its kind; it allows people to follow celebrities online, meaning that they can view celebrity status, what they have been up to, and where they are. This adds a sense of community between celebrities and the working class, it means that people can follow celebrities without the celebrities having to follow them, meaning that both parties have access to the information that interests them.


  • Brad Pitt may not want to see your news feed

  • However you may want to see Brad Pitts

Twitter allows this, meaning that both parties have a sense of security throughout.


Facebook does not allow room for celebrities usually, as twitter does. Facebook is a mutual agreement site, this means that both parties have to agree in order to become “friends” and view each other’s news feed. Facebook discourages random adding, as it is seen as unsafe, so only add people who you know, it is a great way to keep in touch, with easy access to personal messages and friends information, meaning you can see what your friends are up to no matter where about in the country they are. Facebook is 100% free, with minimal advertising, it is well on its way to becoming the largest social networking site in the world. Facebook has an age limit of 13, meaning that if you are currently under the age of 13 then you cannot join, this is an effort to keep children safe when online, and is in the best interest of both the child, and the parent.


As you can see, there are several social networking sites available for you to choose, each one allows you to set your privacy information and other security issues. This process is designed to keep you safe on the internet; it is highly recommended that you do not meet up with anyone you meet online without proper supervision or the right safety practices in place. Social networking can be a fun, desirable way to meet new people and communicate safely, some websites have an age limit meaning that people over the age of 13, for example are unable to join. This encourages maturity when online, and allows you to stay safe and secure when talking to new friends.

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