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9 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

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9 Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Matthew Parry July 30, 2014

There could surely be few things more distressing than to be the victim of a burglary. The knowledge that an intruder has been in your home could potentially be every bit as traumatising as discovering the loss of cash and valuable items. It is for these very reasons that you should do everything in your power to ensure that your home is as secure as it can possibly be.

Security Measures

In this article we will be examining ways in which you can thwart potential burglars, hopefully keeping your home safe and secure. Listed below are nine security measures that, if properly implemented and maintained, should considerably lesson the chances of your home being broken into.

1. Visualisation

You could start by putting yourself in a potential burglar’s shoes and seeing your home through his or her eyes. Are there any obvious weak spots? Does your home look as though it might contain rich pickings for anyone who might wish to break in? By thinking like a burglar, you should be able to establish which areas of your property are vulnerable and precisely what steps you might need to take in order to reduce the risk of a break in.

2. Blend in

Most people like to keep their properties well maintained and looking good; however, it might not be a good idea to imply that you are far wealthier than your neighbours. As far as possible, try to blend your property in with its surroundings.

3. Curtains

If you happen to have a lot of valuable items on display, always be sure to draw your curtains at night. It can be extremely easy for anyone who might be watching your property to peer into a well-lit room. You might also want to consider the use of net curtains for added daytime privacy.

4. Visibility

Although large shrubs and trees can provide privacy they also provide perfect cover for would-be intruders. If you do happen to have foliage near to your doors and windows, at least keep it trimmed to below head height in order to minimise its use as potential cover. High garden fences can also prove to be disadvantageous for the very same reasons.

5. Exterior Lighting

Good exterior lighting should prove to be effective in deterring intruders. Motion sensing lights are better than lights that stay on all the time due to their capacity to startle.

6. Security Systems

A home with a security system fitted is probably far less likely to get broken into than one that has not. The mere presence of a security system would be enough to deter many prospective burglars. However, a door sticker that displays the specific brand name of your system could be providing a highly skilled burglar with too much information. For instance, if you have recently had Selec Security Products – CCTV installed, be sure to put a purely generic warning sticker on your door.

7. Glass Panels & Door Handles 

Doors with large glass panels can be extremely attractive, allowing light to penetrate into gloomy hallways and creating an enhanced feeling of space. The main drawback with such doors, however, is the ease with which an intruder could potentially gain entry. A door that happens to incorporate glass panelling close to its handle could prove to be enticing to any potential burglar.

8. Open Windows

An open or unlocked window could be the first weak spot that a potential burglar would look for. If you happen to be leaving your home for any length of time, always ensure that all windows are firmly closed and locked.

9. Unlocked Doors

Many people make the mistake of leaving doors unlocked when they are at home in the mistaken belief that burglaries only occur when the occupants are out. If you happen to be alone and upstairs, an unlocked door could present an unmissable opportunity for an opportunistic thief.


The most effective method of protecting any home against potential burglary is to make it as unattractive an option as possible. Most burglars are looking for the easiest option that offers the best rewards. Do everything in your power to ensure that your home does not fall into that particular category.

Matthew Parry

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