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7 Essential Qualities to Look for in any Business Web Hosting Service

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7 Essential Qualities to Look for in any Business Web Hosting Service

admin November 3, 2014

In the modern world we live in it is a necessity to run a high quality website for any business. The internet is a phenomenon with literally billions of users worldwide. A key component of running a fantastic website is using a high quality web hosting service that won’t slow your website down. There are many different web hosting services available to use, but as with anything they vary in quality. Read this article to learn more about some of the essential qualities you should be looking for in a business web hosting service.


1) A good reputation

Why would you want to trust a valuable asset of your business with a dodgy company? Reputation is everything and reading reviews of potential web hosting services could save you a lot of hassle in the long term. Sadly people do sometimes write unfair reviews about businesses, but in the majority of cases reviews are a solid way of seeing how good a company are to their customers which could be you! If you see majorly good reviews the chance are you could be looking at a sterling web hosting service. Never ignore a company’s reputation in any field, especially a web hosting service as you do not want a lot of downtime for your website.

2) Good value

As with any service you will ever use you want it to be good value. Make sure you find a balance here as quite often very cheap web hosting services may miss out on features that you could need. Have a look at a variety of web hosting services before you make your final decision and see what you think are the key features most are offering. If one web hosting service is super cheap, but lacking on features then this will be why.

3) 24/7 Support

This a key feature of any web hosting service that you will need. The internet is being used 24/7 around the world so you will want access to any support 24/7. If your website goes down and support isn’t available on a Saturday then that is a whole day of business potentially lost to you. 24/7 support is there to protect you as a customer and ensure everything runs smoothly for your website. This is definitely an essential quality of a good web hosting service.

4) Quick page load speeds

One of the main issues many customers find with websites is ones that load incredibly slowly. This is an issue you want to avoid like the plague with your website. A high quality web hosting service will ensure your website loads quickly and smoothly. There are other reasons for why a website may take a while to load, but the web hosting service is one of the main ones. Enquire before about page load speeds before you buy a web hosting service.

5) Security

Unfortunately internet security has been a major worldwide issue recently. With many hacking attempts and websites often being targeted security is important. There is not much you can do about large scale attacks, but many of the little attacks that happen can be easily avoided with good security. Not all web hosting services will offer security features, but if you can find one that does this is a good sign.

6) Localised servers

If you are a British company in which 99% of your business is going to be through British customers you do not want a web hosting service that is located thousands of miles away. Server locations are largely linked to the speed of your website. Make sure you check before buying a web hosting service where it will be located.

Localised servers can make a big difference to the speed with which your customers can access your website.

7) Easy to use

Many people forget about this essential quality, but who wants a web hosting service that is complex and impossible to use? Ensure that the web hosting service you use is one that is simple to get the best out of.


As you can see there are many important features to look for when choosing your web hosting service. Although it may seem daunting at first take time to look through the options on offer as it’s important to get everything right for your website.


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