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7 Challenging Questions to Ask Your Current IT Support Provider

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7 Challenging Questions to Ask Your Current IT Support Provider

admin January 7, 2014

It is not only the role of your IT support provider to supply you with a range of support services, but excellent customer service too. Therefore it is essential that they are able to answer your questions, no matter how challenging, in order to give you reassurance in their service. In this article we will share seven challenging questions to ask your current IT support provider.

1. How will you deal with the growth of my business?

Most people set up their businesses with plans to grow and expand. As your business grows, so will its needs and requirements in terms of IT support. It is important to ask this question so that you can check your IT support company will be able to cope with increased demand. They should be able to provide you with a detailed plan that gives you reassurance in their services. If they are unable to deal with the growth of your business, it is time to start looking for an alternative supplier.

It is important to enquire about who will be managing your IT system when your account manager is off sick or on holiday.

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2. How do you spread the knowledge of our set-up so other staff can provide support when your staff are absent or on holiday?

As a business owner you need to know that your IT system will be up and running at all times. The excuse of your IT support account manager being off sick or on holiday is not a good enough excuse. It is important to find out how the company spreads word about your set-up to cover periods of absence.

3. What training policy do you have for your technicians?

Technology is something that is being constantly changed and developed. This means that technicians need to keep up to date with the latest technologies and ensure they are working in-line with best practice. Enquire about your IT support company’s training procedures so you can have the peace of mind that the technicians are capable of managing your system efficiently.

4.Can I see a list of the IT systems and programs you use?

It is important to check that your IT support company are using up-to-date technology in-line with others in the industry. The better their technology isthe more efficient service they can provide you with. Enquire about your IT support company’s CRM system, email system and remote management system. Finding out information about the systems and programs they use can help you determine whether they are still the best IT support company to work with.

5. Please can I see a copy of your written procedures for IT support?

Whether you are unsure if you are actually benefiting from your IT support service or simply want a better understanding of how the IT support company you are working with operates, this is a good question to ask. Your IT support provider should be able to provide you with a list of its procedures so you can see how they manage your system. This will also enable you to get a better idea of the services you are paying for and allow you to check that you are getting everything you initially asked for.

Having to wait lengthy periods of time for a response from your IT support provider? Ask them how they are going to improve response times!

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6. What are you doing to improve response times?

If your IT support provider is failing to meet your requirements in terms of response times, you are within your rights to ask them this challenging question. Even if your IT support company is meeting your requirements in terms of response, they should still be looking to constantly improve their levels of service. Find out how they go about improving response times and enquire about what you can expect from them in the next few months.

7. Do you offer discounts for long term clients?

Although you may find this a challenging question to ask, there is nothing wrong with asking about discounts, especially if you are a long term client or have referred other businesses to their company. The worst they can do is say no and most of the time you will find they say yes, especially if they are concerned that you may take your business elsewhere.


You are paying your IT support provider to supply you with services and are therefore within your rights to ask questions regarding the services they provide. Most IT support providers will be happy to answer your challenging questions, as the more reassured you are in their abilities, the more likely you are to remain doing business with them.


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