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6 Ways- Why Birthday SMS ‘s are popular for wishing your friend’s


6 Ways- Why Birthday SMS ‘s are popular for wishing your friend’s

admin May 14, 2015

The best way to express the fondness and the affection for an individual can be wishing the person on his or her birthday. On the other hand people expect that their near and dear ones never forget their birthday. In present days, the hectic and busy schedule that the majority of people hold, may not always permit them to go for hangout times with their friends and relatives that often. However, it can be a wonderful idea to express that feeling one hold to another, simply by passing a warm wish on their birthday.

Wishing on birthdays made easy

These days, it may not be always feasible to attend a person individually all the time. However, it is very important that the relationship between people is nurtured so that it stays warm and cordial. Therefore there has to be some media of expressing the feelings, especially on the special events like one’ birthday. Earlier people use to call upon the birthday boy or the girl to wish him or her. Alternatively, greeting card and similar other letters were also sent to this event. However, it is a fact that all those media were fairly time consuming. It is also a matter of fact that people sometimes fail to remember the birthday of someone who would hold special significance to him. Thus, people were looking forward to have some media of communication that would enable them to deliver the wishes perfectly right on time and in a warm and hearty way.

This pursuit got a great answer with the evolution of the Birthday SMS service. These days, various web based service providers are seen to be operational who offers the services of messaging services. The user can employ this service to send information and communication instantly and it requires them to bear the most insignificant cost. This article shall discuss on the traits as why people prefer to use the SMS services for wishing their friends and relatives on their birthday.

The reasons for the growth of popularity in the trend of wishing people happy birthday through SMS

  1. There is every chance that in cases while calls on the birthday boy or the girl, the person may be busy and could not takes up the call. It might have also so happens that one forward them email or letters, but the recipient does not receive it or even if he receives it he could not read in on the particular day. On the contrary, as the SMS comes to one’s mobile   directly, the recipients stand no chance of missing it.
  2. SMS service is instant and the message gets delivered to the target recipient just in a flash.
  3. The recipient can be forwarded with exclusive and personalized messages that can give him or her real pleasure on the special day.
  4. The SMS service enables the sender to time the delivery of the message at the perfect date and time.
  5. This web based service can be availed free of cost.


With people getting more and more oriented to this specialized service with the passage of time, the popularity of this service is sure to go up tone scales in time to come

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