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5 Top Design Tips for Bed and Breakfast Proprietors

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5 Top Design Tips for Bed and Breakfast Proprietors

Matthew Parry January 27, 2014

Running a B&B is a demanding job that involves working unsociable hours and trying to cater to the needs and tastes of people from all walks of life. If you want to make a big success of a small hostelry, taking the time to create an interesting décor that sets it apart from other similar establishments is a very effective way to achieve this aim. Below are five tips for B&B owners that will help you to get started when renovating your property.

  1. Furnish each room with unique pieces of furniture that are made to your specifications. Most bed and breakfast establishments and hotels buy mass produced furniture and whilst some of it is of a very high quality, the fact that it is mass produced means that the rooms in which it is used often all feel the same. Touched Interiors Ltd make high quality custom furniture and there are other reputable suppliers around the world that offer a similar service so you should be able to obtain a number of quotations for the items you need and pick the most competitive one.
  2. Hire a professional interior design specialist to create a one-off theme for your property. Instead of following the latest trends and decorating your B&B in the style of a Moroccan palace or going for minimalism in a big way, ask your designer to come up with something fresh and new that will get your guests talking about your establishment when they go back to their homes. Word of mouth advertising is very powerful and an interesting theme could be just what you need to attract more custom.
  3. Make sure your décor is practical as well as stylish. Whatever theme and furniture you choose, you need to ensure that the rooms in your bed and breakfast are still easy to clean once your renovations have been completed. Many proprietors perform a deep clean during the low season but you will still need to maintain reasonable standards of cleanliness throughout the year. For this reason, you should pick an interior designer who has experience of working in the hospitality industry and make sure that any furniture you buy can be cleaned thoroughly without too much effort.
  4. Repaint the outside of your B&B. It is important not to forget the exterior of your property, especially as it will influence people’s perception of your establishment when they first arrive. Make sure that they are pleasantly surprised by painting the exterior walls on a regular basis and keeping gardens and any other outdoor communal spaces neat and tidy. Provide discreet bins in gardens and car parks to encourage your guests not to drop litter on the ground.
  5. Invest in good quality lighting. Given that many guests will spend their days exploring the local area and only return to their rooms in the evening, it is important to install overhead lighting that will complement the décor you have chosen and provide a cosy, welcoming atmosphere. There are many different types of lighting that you might like to consider but whatever type of lighting units you opt for, make sure that they are reliable and easy to maintain.

If you have been running a bed and breakfast establishment for many years and have not had the time to redecorate recently, there is no time like the present to get started. Whilst some proprietors are reticent to spend money in the uncertain economic times that we live, the potential return on your investment when renovating a B&B makes it well worth considering. At the very least, it is worth obtaining a few quotes from reputable suppliers and designers.

About the Author: Touched Interiors Ltd. is a company that offers luxury upholstered furniture and other bespoke interior design services for all kinds of residential properties. 

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