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4 Ways To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

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4 Ways To Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaign

admin October 26, 2018

Facebook might be latest and YouTube might be engaging, but when it comes to driving customers and generating sales, old-school email marketing is still the best option. It is the ultimate way to reach your targeted customers who have opted-in (and interested) to receive your marketing message. That means you are targeting the right set of audience with the right message, and they are ready to follow or know more about what you are offering. As per studies, 77% of customers say that they prefer receiving marketing communications via email. 70% of digital marketers consider emails as the best medium to generate ROI and 62% of B2B marketers say they would continue to increase their spending for emails.

However, merely creating an email marketing strategy is not enough; you have to optimize it to ensure that it works and delivers desired results.

Discussed here are 4 ways you can optimize your email marketing campaign:

  1. Research the Market and Set Goals

One of the key essentials of email optimization is to research the market – the latest email advertising trends, what your competitors are doing, what are your opportunities & threats. Based on your research and core business needs, you have to set realistic and achievable goals. Whether you are into B2B marketing or B2C, defining your marketing goals is most important to optimize the campaign and achieve desired results. Develop a systematic approach for email optimization – create a list of things that you wish to test as emails, what portions of your email list you want to segment, and want unique ideas you have for your email messages and offers. An organized effort can enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign remarkably.

  1. List Segmentation for Targeted Marketing

List segmentation is the process of breaking down your broader, main email list into smaller & marketing segments so that you can send targeted messages and offers that interest them. Not all your customers are the same – they have unique interests, buying behavior and budget. One email message that would drive a set of customers to take action may not be interesting or relevant to others. Therefore, it is important to segment your email list and send only need-based messages and offers that would be most relevant for them and inspire them to buy. List segmentation is an integral component of Marketing Management.

  1. Optimize Your Email Marketing Content

According to statistics, 33% of email recipients open their emails based on the subject line. It is the first thing that your email recipients can see, and therefore, the subject line should be informative, concise and one that evokes interest. It should give your email readers a reason good enough to click through. Once you have created an appealing and well-optimized subject line, focus on building a personalized message. You can use customizable fields to personalize every message you send. Customers know that emails are sent out to the masses. Therefore, the best way you can make the messages interesting & relevant to them is by invoking a personal contact.

  1. Provide Ways for Social Sharing

As per studies, emails that come with social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, generate a 158% high click-through than those that don’t have. So, if you want to initiate action, you have to integrate the component of social sharing or social following.

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