4 Reasons you should purchase Oppo Mobiles

Oppo is a China based smartphone manufacturer that has taken the world by storm. In spite of the low cost image of the Chinese phone manufacturers, Oppo has successfully broken this mold and has carved out a place for itself in the premium smartphone market of the world. More and more people even in the developed countries are opting for smartphones manufactured in China and Oppo is finding a lot of takers in these markets. At the same time the phone manufacturer is also targeting other new markets where the buyers have the propensity to buy newer and better smartphones.

Even though each user is unique and there are a hundred different reasons to choose one smartphone brand over the other, here are a few reasons why the customers will love to buy the Oppomobiles available in the market today.

1. Latest technology

Oppo has been able to establish itself in the market in spite of a new brand name because of its technology leadership position. This has been the company’s USP since it started. The company has a dedicated research arm that is constantly working on making smartphones and the latest technology more affordable. Its phones use the latest components in terms of the processor, the graphics processors and the chips. This means that the phones launched by the company are among the fastest phones available in the market.

2. Great Quality

The company has earned great praise from the smartphone critics and users across the world for using the best quality components. The screens used by the company in its phones are of the highest quality and have great resolutions. The hardware used in the phone and the build quality is also of the highest standards. The really commendable part is that these devices are available at lower prices as compared to similar phones offered from the competing brands.

3. Customer service

One of the best parts about owning an Oppo phone is that the customers get access to the best in class customer service. The customer always comes first for the company. This is why the company designs phones keeping in mind the customer. The usability of the phones is unmatched. Even after one has bought the phone one can avail unmatched customer service. The company offers replacement of phones in case of defects and there is the facility of doorstep pick up and drop off available for phones earmarked for repair.

4. Warranty

The company coupled with the customer service also provides warranty for the phonesfor a period of two years. This is not matched by any other brand in the industry and this goes to show how confident Oppois about its smartphones’ build quality. This is one of the prime reasonswhy Oppo mobile Australia is making great strides in the domestic smartphone market. More and more customers are getting complete peace of mind because of the extended coverage of repair and maintenance costs that is provided by the company for a period of two years.

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