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10 Unique Ways to Use iPads for Your Upcoming Event

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10 Unique Ways to Use iPads for Your Upcoming Event

admin November 8, 2019

Recently at Forbes, the events coordinator was at 5 in the list of most stressful jobs list. One of the major reasons behind this stress, is the need of technology and gadgets to manage things, especially when you have deadlines on your head and you are going to address and manage large audiences.

But yes professional and sharp event managers always manage to find the solutions to their problem, they have a secret weapon at their disposal, Event Rental iPads.

We are going to tell you the 10 ways, to implement Event Rental iPad to increase engagement, productivity, and interaction at events and conferences.

1. Make a Crowd attentive with an iPad Jeopardy Wall:

One of the more interesting and useful applications for the technology is Gamification. Games have always been a great way to attract people towards the targeted message, and there is a variety of software available with customizable templates to get you started. One of that useful software is Jeopardy Wall, which utilizes magnetic, snap-into-iPads and is perfect for gamification at conferences, events and trade shows. Offer prizes to booth attendees for answering the questions and at the same time educating them about your services and products.

2. Showcase Apps and Digital Signage on a giant I-Tab:

The touch screen booth provides a great opportunity for event exhibitors and organizers to demonstrate apps, webpages, and content on a large scale. Large screens allow us to perform group demonstrations as opposed to single user walkthroughs on mobile devices. The Giant iTab is the best for those who are looking for both worlds, it looks and acts like a huge smartphone. We can load iOS and Android Apps, so the audience and the users can interact with their favorite apps on a giant screen having the same feature and familiar options to the smartphones they have in their pockets.

3. Execute better Event Check-In and Registration:

There are several ways to execute a paperless check-in through different devices so as with iPads. Staff can easily utilize one of the hundreds of applications created and developed for the same reason to have guests quickly log in on iPads. Another way of doing it is a self-check-in through iPad kiosks placed at the event, and this is more time saving and accurate.

4. Design Custom Booths for lead capture and surveys:

As everyone is aware nowadays and familiar with the use of smart devices, it is easy and less cost-effective with more accuracy to conduct surveys through iPads booths by placing them in the key area of events. We can conduct surveys, ask for registration, basic data, and tell them about different brochures through these huge screens with an easy user interface.

5. Set up Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems:

We can also set up the (POS) Point of Sale systems using iPads, we just need to add inventor using a touchscreen or a scanner, and then a magnetic card reader to accept payments done by credit cards. Payment receipts can be emailed or printed. Those who only need a simple setup can use a PayPal or Square card reader that fits into the audio jack of any iPad.

6. Incorporate Slide-Sharing and live audience Q&A:

Presentation is one of the most basic reasons for any conference, event, and business meeting. The success of your event depends upon the success of your presentation, the more professional you present your case and word the more it will make your event resulting and fruitful. Using an iPad with its different apps will help you in interactive and instant polling, reviews, and surveys from the audience and make them engaged throughout the presentation this kind of interaction and retention will produce very positive results.

7.  Go Paperless With a Mobile Event App:

Taking care of papers and keeping them safe and arranged is not an easy task, it’s always disturbing and divide your attention. By using iPads and keeping your documents as a soft copy will reduce most of your tensions about document safety and arrangement. There are several applications dedicated for this purpose.

8. Capture fun moments with a Mobile Photo Booth:

We can keep the audience engaged and attracted by taking their pictures and recording their video reviews and expressions by iPad camera features. Taking pictures with the audiences is one of the most attractive ways to keep interacted with your audiences and draw their attention towards you.

9. Print Receipts, Badges, and Labels: 

There is a variety of mobile printers available in the market which are certified to use with iPads and other Apple Devices. Print order receipts on demand instantly at trade shows, even you can print badges for event attendees directly from your iPad.

10. Engage and Inspire attendees with Gamification:
IPads are not only incredibly versatile, but they are also cool, classy and easy to customize with difference accessories and apps like Gamify, Go Game and SCANVenger Hunt.


Author bio: Zoe Martin is a professional content writer, and contributing author and editor at One World Rental
She has been working as a content writer for several years and produced a large number of high-quality content related to event technology and the latest gadgets. She is tech-savvy with an eye out for the new trends in technology.


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